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PSC Opens Electric Working Docket

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has opened a working docket directing the Public Service Commission Staff to investigate the self-commit and self-scheduling practices of Missouri’s investor-owned electric utilities in their respective Regional Transmission Organization energy markets to determine if such practices inure to the benefit of their ratepayers.

“Both Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) operate day ahead energy markets designed to identify the supply of electric generation required to meet demand, and select demand-side and supply-side resources for dispatch in a manner designed to minimize overall costs to the system while meeting reliability requirements,” said the Commission’s order. “However, in some circumstances, a market participant may choose to self-commit a particular supply-side resource for dispatch and self-schedule that supply-side resource’s output and accept whatever market price results rather than awaiting market commitment and dispatch by the Regional Transmission Organization (RTO).”

The Commission is seeking information from each Missouri investor-owned electric utility to a series of questions contained in the order opening up the working docket. In addition, the Commission is directing each electric utility to outline the practices it employs with regard to resource bidding, and what strategy governs whether a resource is bid into the market or self-scheduled.

This file (EW-2019-0370) will serve as a repository for documents and comments. Using this case, any person with an interest in this matter may view documents and may submit comments or documents. This is not a contested case so anyone may file a comment without legal counsel. Intervention requests are not necessary to submit comments or view documents.

The public is welcome to submit comments through the Commission’s electronic filing and information system (EFIS) at the Commission’s website ( Once at the website, click on the EFIS link on the right side of the page. Scroll down and click on the public comment link. Please refer to File No. EW-2019-0370.

Written comments in hard copy should be sent to the attention of the Public Service Commission, P.O. Box 360, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102. Please refer to File No. EW-2019-0370. The public can view the contents of the file by following the link at

The Public Service Commission Staff is to file a report regarding its investigation no later than August 16, 2019.


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