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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- January 12, 2022
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PSC Approves Electric Territorial Agreement

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a joint application filed by The Empire District Electric Company d/b/a Liberty (Empire) and White River Valley Electric Cooperative (White River) seeking Commission approval of a second amendment to a sixth territorial agreement between the two electric providers.

The amendment involves a service area within the Rainbow Shoals subdivision in Taney County to more specifically describe recently-platted lots in the subdivision. White River has existing facilities within location of the lots identified in the amendment which will provide for a more orderly future development of electric service to the public. The agreement does not require the transfer of any facilities or customers between the applicants.

“It is the Commission’s decision that the Amendment is in the public interest as a whole and is not detrimental to the public interest,” said the Commission.

The original sixth territorial agreement between Empire and White River was approved by the Public Service Commission in an order issued on June 10, 2009 (Case No. EO-2009-0284).
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