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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- November 16, 2023
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PSC Approves Ameren Missouri Tariff Revision Request

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a tariffrevision filed by Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri involving the Time-Of-Use (TOU) default rate for residential customers.

Ameren Missouri sought Commission authority to continue to default residential customers to its low-differential Evening/Morning Savers rate plan, instead of the high-differential Smart Savers rate plan.

“Residential customers are free to change their choices at any time, including switching their TOU plan multiple times a year,” said the Commission. “Ameren Missouri’s proposed tariff is merely seeking to modify the details as to which of the multiple TOU rate choices is the default in the TOU rate program in its tariffs.”

“Ameren Missouri’s application does not seek to change the price per kWh the Commission established under the approved TOU rate implementation plan,” said the Commission. “What the application does request is to modify the tariff language that determines what TOU rate is first applied to customers who do not choose a specific TOU rate-the default TOU rate. Ameren Missouri’s application is not a collateral attack on prior rate cases’ Reports and Orders, but simply requesting approval of a tariff filing to modify the default in TOU choices to customers.”

Ameren Missouri serves approximately 1.2 million electric customers in Missouri.
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