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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- January 25, 2023
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PSC Approves Agreement Reached in Co-Mo Electric Cooperative
and Ameren Missouri Territorial Agreement Case

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved an agreement, territorial agreement and addendum between Union Electric Company d/b/a Ameren Missouri and Co-Mo Electric Cooperative (Co-Mo) which makes Co-Mo the exclusive electric service provider for the Fox Hollow subdivision which is located adjacent to the City of Boonville in Cooper County. The territorial agreement also defines the service areas between Ameren Missouri and Co-Mo in a portion of Cooper, Cole and Moniteau counties.

Under the agreement, Co-Mo Electric Cooperative will be the exclusive electric service provider for the Fox Hollow subdivision and certain other service areas of Cooper County. Ameren Missouri will have certain exclusive service areas in portions of Cooper, Cole and Moniteau counties.

An addendum to the territorial agreement was filed by the two electric service suppliers on October 19, 2022. That addendum excludes the Boonville Airport property from Co-Mo’s service area in Cooper County and includes the Boonville Airport property in Ameren Missouri’s service area in Cooper County.

According to the two electric service providers, the territorial agreement does not require transfer of any facilities and may only transfer one or two customers between Co-Mo and Ameren Missouri.

The Commission approved the agreement stating the territorial agreement in total, is not detrimental to the public interest.

“Having defined boundaries between service providers in rural areas where no service currently exists, benefits both Co-Mo and Ameren Missouri,” said the Commission. “The defined boundaries assist both utilities in planning for the future and reduce the likelihood of service duplication.”
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