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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE -- August 08, 2019
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PSC Approves Addendum to Electric Territorial Agreement

JEFFERSON CITY---The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved a joint application filed by Farmers’ Electric Cooperative, Inc. (Farmers’) and the City of Gallatin (Gallatin) which sought Commission approval of an addendum to a previous territorial agreement between Farmers’ and Gallatin which was approved by the Commission in 1997. That territorial agreement designated the boundaries of two exclusive electric service areas within Daviess County.

Under the addendum to the territorial agreement, Farmers’ will provide electric service to the “Holcomb tract,” a parcel of land located in Daviess County. The joint applicants stated the addendum to the territorial agreement does not require the transfer of any facilities or customers between Farmers’ and Gallatin.

“The Commission concludes the electric service area designation made in the First Addendum is in the public interest and the territorial agreement with its First Addendum, in total, is not detrimental to the public interest,” said the Commission.


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