At a session of the Public Service Commission held at its office in Jefferson City on the 14th day of August, 2013.



In the Matter of the Application of KCP&L Greater         )

Missouri Operations Company for Authority to               )      File No. ER-2014-0002

Implement Rate Adjustments Required by                     )      Tariff No. JE-2014-0001

4 CSR 240-2.090 (4) and the Company’s Approved       )

Fuel Adjustment Clause                                               )






Issue Date:  August 14, 2013                             Effective Date:  September 1, 2013



On July 1, 2013, KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company (KCP&L GMO) filed a proposed tariff sheet intended to adjust the company’s rates under its Fuel Adjustment Clause (FAC).  As set out in its true-up filing,[1] the company under-recovered $314,403 from customers in its MPS rate district and $357,643 from customers in its L&P district.  To account for the under-recovery, the proposed tariff sheet will increase the typical MPS residential customer’s bill by approximately $0.78 per month and by $1.29 per month for residential customers in the L&P district.   The Commission issued notice of the proposed tariff increase.  There were no applications to intervene.

After verifying the company’s calculations, the Staff of the Commission, on July 30, 2013, filed a recommendation that the Commission approve the tariff sheet to become effective on September 1, 2013.

Under Commission rule[2] the Commission must act on the company’s tariff filing within 60 days of its filing.  In this case, that date is September 1, 2013.  Further, if the FAC rate adjustment complies with the law[3] and is consistent with the FAC mechanism established in the company’s most recent rate case, the Commission must either approve the adjustment, or allow the tariff sheet to go into effect by operation of law. 

The Commission has reviewed KLP&L GMO’s tariff filing and Staff’s verified recommendation. Based on such, the Commission concludes that the tariff sheet implementing the adjustment is in compliance with the Commission’s order establishing the FAC and with the applicable statutes and Commission rule.  The Commission will therefore approve the proposed tariff sheet.


1.               The following tariff sheet, filed by KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company and assigned Tariff No. JE-2014-0001, is approved to become effective on September 1, 2013:

PSC Mo. No. 1                                                                                   

6th Revised Sheet No. 127, Canceling 5th Revised Sheet No. 127.


2.               This order shall become effective on September 1, 2013.

3.               This file shall be closed on September 2, 2013.







Morris L. Woodruff




R. Kenney, Chm., Jarrett, Stoll,

and W. Kenney, CC., concur.


Jones, Senior Regulatory Law Judge

[1] Commission Case No. ER-2014-0001.

[2] Commission rule 4 CSR 240-20.090(4).

[3] Section 386.266, RSMo and Commission rule 4 CSR 240-20.090(4).