At a session of the Public Service Commission held at its office in Jefferson City on the 21st day of August, 2013.



In the Matter of Ameren Missouriís Submission†††††††††† )†††††††††† File No. EO-2013-0503

of its 2013-2015 RES Compliance Plan†††††††††††††††††††††† )






Issue Date:August 21, 2013



On May 28, 2013, Union Electric Company, d/b/a Ameren Missouri, (ďAmeren MissouriĒ) filed its Renewable Energy Standard Compliance Plan for 2013-2015, as it was required to do by Commission Rule 4 CSR 240-20.100(7).The Commissionís rule requires the Staff of the Commission to review the utilityís compliance report and plan and to file a report about its review within 45 days.[1]

Staff complied with that requirement by filing a report on July 12.Staff stated that Ameren Missouri has met the minimum requirements for the plan, except for calculating the RES retail rate impact.

The Commissionís rule also allows Public Counsel and other interested persons or entities to file comments regarding Ameren Missouriís plan.[2] The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) filed such comments on August 2, which shared Staffís concern about Ameren Missouriís calculation of the RES retail rate impact.

The Commissionís regulation does not specify what, if any, action the Commission is to take regarding Ameren Missouriís RES compliance report and plan and any alleged deficiencies in that report and plan, except to allow the Commission to ďestablish a procedural schedule if necessaryĒ.[3]After considering the submitted comments, the Commission concludes that no further order from the Commission is appropriate at this time.

If the organizations that submitted comments, or anyone else, want to further pursue their contention that Ameren Missouri has failed to comply with the requirements of the renewable energy statute or the Commissionís implementing regulations, they may do so by filing a complaint pursuant to Section 4 CSR 240-20.100)(8)(A) and the statutes and regulations governing complaints before the Commission.







Morris L. Woodruff




R. Kenney, Chm., Jarrett, Stoll,

and W. Kenney, CC., concur.


Pridgin, Senior Regulatory Law Judge

[1] 4 CSR 240-20.100(7)(D).

[2] 4 CSR 240-20.100(7)(E).

[3] 4 CSR 240-20.100(7)(F).